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Sorry Blog Readers, I Have Been Slack.

Brisbane photographer Timothy Swinson
I’ve been busy in the past couple of months and haven’t been blogging a lot of what I have been up to. I’ve been working hard to build my business presence not only locally in Toowoomba but further around SE Queensland. I’m starting to make a few inroads into Brisbane where I have started booking some jobs. I am also looking at adding the Gold Coast as well. What does this mean for my work in Toowoomba? Not much. This is still where I am based and where I have most of my business. But I feel my style of photography is suited well to clients both here and outside of the city so that is where I am heading.

In other news it looks like I will soon be taking a trip down south to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road so I might have some interesting photos to share from that trip. I also plan to head down to Sydney where I have a standing invitation to work on photographing the new collection for fashion designer Sophia BVB.

I hope to have a few posts up in the near future.Thanks, Tim.

Reflections (Ramblings) On Taking My Photography Full Time

Toowoomba photographer Timothy Swinson

I’m sitting here writing this at midnight when I have to be up at 5:30am to head out for a photography job. Why? I can’t sleep.

May Offer Limited Spots – Toowoomba Portrait Photographer

I have a few booking spots come up available in May so I am giving away 3 packages at a reduced cost. Individualised portrait sessions including hair and make-up discounted to $400 limited to 3 spots! I posted this offer up on Facebook first last night and one went straight away. That leaves 2 spots still available at this price!

Contact me here through my website or drop me an email to to discuss any queries or details.

Toowoomba portrait photographer May offer

A Little Video I Threw Together – Toowoomba Photographer

I’ve been meaning to throw together a little something for a while both to get myself out there and to show some of my work. A random fit of inspiration hit me this morning and I threw this together. I have been operating as a part-time professional for a while now but it is only recently that I have taken the plunge to full time and I felt that it was the right time to do something like this.

I am a professional portrait photographer among other disciplines based in Toowoomba and you can contact me to discuss what I can do for you.

January Portrait Discount – $150 Off! – Toowoomba

For the month of January I’m offering $150 off for any portrait bookings made in the month. Portrait shoot does not have to be in January, just booked. Get in quick to secure a date.