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Toowoomba Flash Photography Workshop

A few weeks ago Remark Photography and I held a small flash photography workshop dealing with the basics of how to control and master speedlight flashes off camera to create studio lighting looks on location.

The workshop was a great success and there was a lot of positive feedback from the students who are now off and using their newly learned knowledge in their own work.

Here are a few examples that I took in-between teaching to show the kind of things we were learning.

It’s possible that I may run another flash workshop in the future. Note that these workshops are not for beginners, you need to have a good understanding of your camera and be very comfortable working with the camera in full manual mode.

Model: Rebecca
Flash Workshop Tim Swinson | Photographer

Playing With My New Lighting Gear

Received the bulk of my lighting gear the other day so I took it out to have a play with it. This is the result. My car never looked so good!

Ford Laser GLXI

Learning Strobist

Ferrari 360

I’ve been starting to play with off-camera flash photography lately. Since I aquired my Canon 60D I’ve been able to trigger my flash remotely via Canon’s IR E-TTL flash system.